BDV DataHider

BDV DataHider can create a Secret Storage in any file or drive which cannot be detected in usual ways. But you can use it as a folder for storing of some secret files and folders. New unique technology of data hiding common with strongest encryption

BDV SecretFolder

Hide/unhide secret folder on your Flash Drive.


BDV Notepad  v.5.2

This word processing software works with files of any size, and supports shortcuts, multi-level undo and redo, auto-saving, URL auto-detection, auto-replacement and a multi-language interface. It is comfortable text editor,

BSD  v.1 6

ByteHero Unknown-Virus Detection Software(BDV) developed by ByteHero Team is the first one with the technology of dynamic code heuristic analyzer, static code heuristic analyzer in domestic market and with the world first-class level for the above te

ScreenSaver Commander

By using the ScreenSaver Commander you will have total control over the standard Windows' screen-saver option! For example, if you wish to use several screen-savers instead of one, the ScreenSaver Commander gives you that option effortlessly, and

Quote on Table

The program will decorate your desktop with automatically changing texts. Those texts can be configured to change for any intervals you desire. This edition contain more then 2,000 citations, prowerbs and jokes. For your ease of use, those citations are

System ScreenSaver

System ScreenSaver is unique tool which allows you to run any application as a screen-saver. There are no other option when you want to combine power of Windows screen-saver feature and your favourite software. System ScreenSaver uses native

HTML TableFactory

By using the HTML TableFactory, you can easily design HTML-formatted tables that you desire. For example, if you wish to create quickly, and efficiently a table for an auctions, etc that you have in mind, the HTML TableFactory provides you with the tools

Teach Word

The main stage of any learning is self-checking, and it is the point on which you will be helpless without TeachWord. This tiny yet powerfull software has a set of functional features in its arsenal, allowing you not only to store learned foreign words in

Notepad Replacer  v.1.1.6

Replace the default Windows version of Notepad. Do you use a Notepad alternative, like Notepad++ or Notepad2? Notepad Replacer will allow you to replace the default Windows version of Notepad with whatever alternative you would like to use.

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